About Sloan

We work with a creative team who values the process and has passion for serving our two customer groups: those who want to repay their student loans and those wanting to give towards others with student loans. We believe that the talent, creativity and diversity of our people and customers are our greatest resources. We emphasize teamwork because we are smarter, more dynamic and better together. We believe in doing the right thing and treating people the right way. We think integrity and honesty are the foundation of a productive working environment. We hold accountability and perseverance to the highest of standards. We take our business seriously but do not take ourselves too seriously. Therefore, we invest in each other and refuse to empower the negative.

We are in business to:

  • Guide 450,000 people to take control of their student loans and feel supported by others to live the life they studied for by 2021.
  • Help our customers take years off their loans and put years on their life.
  • We make people’s lives better. Including money management beyond loans
  • We help our customers pay down their loans faster than they would without us.
  • Inspire and incentivize others to want to contribute to our customers’ debt.
  • Encourage our customers to pay it forward and help others with their debt.
  • Promote financial literacy throughout the nation.
  • Empower our customers to manage their loans all in one place.
  • Work diligently to affect legislation and change the problems created by the existing system.
  • Believe tomorrow will be better than today.
  • Be the #1 student loan app on the market.