Federal Restructuring Plans

  • The average borrower saves $326 per month when they restructure within our federal repayment portal
  • This is NOT refinancing. Rest easy - we're helping you find and apply for federal income-driven repayment plans that reduce your payments the most
  • 92% of all student loans are federal student loans. You do not lose federal protections by switching from one federal repayment plan to another
  • Reduce monthly student loan payments, potentially all the way down to $0

Low Your Monthly Payments: Restructure

This isn’t refinancing—it’s a federal restructuring plan within the federal student loan portals. It keeps your loans federally based but allows you to lessen the amount you pay each month.

The CARES Act reduces your monthly student loan payments to $0 through 9/30/21. Use our system to find federal savings programs that reduce your monthly student loan payments, long term. In under 5 minutes, we’ll help you discover, select, and enroll in the right federal savings program, for your unique situation. The average borrower saves over $300 per month when they restructure. It’s free to explore and inexpensive should you decide to enroll.