Loan Management

  • Manage All your loans in one place. One log in. From Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Sort by interest rate or balance
  • Set it and forget it. Set up recurring payments.
  • Take years off your loans and live the life you studied for™
  • Get ahead faster without working harder.

Loan Management: Pay ALL your student loans in ONE place.

We make it simpler but keep YOU in control. SLOAN makes it easy to track and manage your student debt. Manage all your loans from an intuitive dashboard, calculate interest and pay your loans off in the order you choose.

Pay back loans automatically with one-time, weekly or monthly payment options. Or pay as you wish. Highest interest rate first. Snowball method. Your choice! SLOAN gives you tons of ways to save and pay off college debt.

To cover the cost of simplifying your loans, we charge only 99 cents/loan payment.

Aren’t you smart to find an app that makes your life easier?

Loan Guidance/Tips

  • Student loan repayment calculator
  • Take the guidance quiz: use to determine fastest way to pay off loans: snowball method or avalanche method
  • Free E-book Download: Student Loan 101: Degrees without Burden

Loan Guidance/Tips

Sloan sprinkles loan guidance and tips throughout the app because we want our customers to pay off their loans faster! Our loan calculator helps you decide what an extra $5 payment can do to take years off your loan. . .use our tools to see if snowball or avalanche method is best for you. . .