Bryan Harris, Founder

Bryan Harris

  • Acting primarily as SLOAN spokesperson and interviewee, Bryan’s background as an award winning content creator, television producer , international model and global ambassador positions us for national media presence
  • Bryan focuses on connecting influencers and doers of different backgrounds to build cohesive projects and media teams
  • Previously worked in professional baseball with the Chicago White Sox organization, local and international energy markets and White Energy Coal North America, and healthcare information technology with Trizetto a Cognizant Company tying him to industry leaders and politicians
Angie Mayer, Founder

Angie Mayer

  • Taking the lead as SLOAN’s CMO, Mayer's core is entrenched in project management , bridging the gap between UI/UX design and development
  • Previously served as a Marketing Executive with a Fortune 100 company and served as the public relations spearhead for a local non profit
  • At age 25, Angie started an online marketing company focused on web development, SEO, and branding , among other verticals
  • Mayer has vast experience consulting and implemented marketing campaigns for over 500 start ups working that online marketing company
  • Personally founded or been a member of multiple entrepreneurial ventures